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Optimize your collaboration tools by infusing emotional intelligence.

Generate more engaging and inclusive interactions between employees and teams to drive productivity.



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Microsoft Outlook

Becoming an emotionally intelligent organization begins by putting insights at the fingertips of every employee, where they communicate most often.

  • Tailor Outlook email communications to coworkers based on their preferences, motivation style, and more
  • Get help preparing for and organizing your upcoming meetings
  • Use EQ Everywhere for Outlook to understand individual insights or team culture

Gmail and Google Calendar

Using Google's business applications like Gmail and Google Calendar? Use the EQ Everywhere Chrome extension.

  • Like with Outlook, get EQ insights within your email and calendar
  • Access within the extension or get an expanded view of an individual or team culture
  • Keep employees engaged with one another and improve collaboration
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Go beyond traditional chats with colleagues that can leave employees feeling burnt out.

  • See how coworkers prefer to be communicated with and adapt your style in real time
  • Become more productive by accomplishing more, through less communication
  • Easily accessible information, available from anywhere, 24/7

Key Features Included:

EQ Everywhere

Infuse psychometrics into email & meeting culture for informed communication between employees.

Team Performance

Team culture insights, enhanced collaboration, and diversity of thought mapping

Remote Work Scorecard

Is an individual or team built (psychologically) for working remote?


Simple, Easy, and Fun

Change brain neurology for long-lasting effects without employees needing to put extended effort into the daily practice. It’s simple, easy, and fun. It plugs-in to the 2 most used tools every day, email and calendar and is accessible 24/7, for all employees. As a result, it develops a user’s EQ through the primary mechanisms of learning, reminding, practice, repetition, and new habit formation.

Collaboration with emotional intelligence

As Coca-Cola describes it, Humantelligence offers companies “Collaboration with emotional intelligence”, hence our tagline “EQ everywhere”, 24/7 in any work flow of the user. As Ultimate Software’s Chief Product Officer, Cecile Leroux called it – “a transformational tool for remote work that allows for informed collaboration and communication”.

Inexpensive Pricing

We’ve also made pricing VERY simple and affordable for all companies. With an annual subscription, the cost equates to as low as $1 per employee per month.

Ready to supercharge your team?